Why is Greece a number one holiday destination for the Dutch?


Dutch tourists love holidaymaking in Greece because of the sun, the sea and the beaches. According to a griekenland.net survey on more than 1,000 participants, 28% prefers Greece for these reasons, more than 14% said they like Greek hospitality and 13% said they love Greek cuisine.

Greek cuisine

The Dutch just love relaxing on a roof top with a view to the sea with a glass of ouzo or a beer after going shopping. They love traditional dishes and modern Greek cuisine. The new trend is to share their dishes rather than order appetizers and a main dish. This way, they try more dishes and enjoy them more.

Greek beaches and culture

The climate in Greece is one of the best in the world and very much loved by the Dutch. Greek culture is also highly appreciated, and they love to visit archaeological sites, traditional villages and festivals to be more in touch with the local people.

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