Μήνας του μέλιτος στην Ελλάδα χωρίς τον σύζυγο…


Άλλη μια ιστορία με τις θεωρήσεις visa για Ελλάδα από τις διπλωματικές μας αρχές στο εξωτερικό, κάνει από χθές τον γύρω του κόσμου, μετά από δημοσίευμα του BBC, που δυσφημεί τον ελληνικό Τουρισμό. Σύμφωνα με το δημοσίευμα ζευγάρι σχεδίασε να έρθει από το Πακιστάν για μήνα του μέλιτος στην Ελλάδα, όμως, το ελληνικό κράτος δεν χορήγησε visa στον σύζυγο, αρχιτέκτονα, αλλά αφού είχαν πληρώσει το ταξίδι.

visa_pakistan1 Έτσι και καθώς δεν μπορούσαν να επιστραφούν τα χρήματα, η σύζυγος ταξίδεψε χωρίς τον σύζυγο, αλλά με τα πεθερικά της !!!

Έβγαλε, λοιπόν, μία σειρά φωτογραφιών όπου απλώνει το χέρι να αγκαλιάσει τον – απόντα – σύζυγο, ενώ μορφάζει για να δείξει την απογοήτευσή της.

Οι φωτογραφίες έχουν γίνει viral, δυσφημώντας την Ελλάδα παγκοσμίως, αφού το δημοσίευμα του BBC και οι φωτογραφίες έχουν αρχίσει και αναπαράγνται και από άλλα μέσα.

Το δημοσίευμα του BBC
Το δημοσίευμα του BBC αναφέρει:
“Holidaying alone has its complications – even more so if you’d originally expected to travel with someone else. And if that journey was supposed to be your honeymoon, but your husband can’t join you, what’s a newlywed to do? Why, have her picture taken in every location with a sad face and her arm out to indicate her missing husband, of course.Huma Mobin and Arsalaan Sever, a young Pakistani couple, married earlier this year. They were planning to go to Greece for their honeymoon, but the Greek border agency had other ideas. Arsalaan was refused a visa, but only after the trip had already been paid for. So Huma went without him – but with her new in-laws, Arsalaan’s parents.visa_pakistan2The idea for the unconventional photos actually started a year ago, when Huma and Arsalaan had just got engaged. He was sent to Budapest for work, and sent back a single snapshot of himself, arm out and a pouty face to show how much he missed her.

Huma told the BBC World Service programme Outside Source: “Whenever one of us travels alone without the other, we do this. We can just show that we’re missing [each other].”

The photos were taken by Arsalaan’s parents – Huma says she has a good relationship with her mother-in-law. So good, in fact, that the two would go out and hit the bars of Santorini at night.

But for all that, Huma says she missed her husband dreadfully. “He’s the life of the party, my better half – I wouldn’t have gone without him but he forced me to.”

“The first night I cried my eyes out on my mother-in-law’s shoulder, who really comforted me and told me to make the best of it,” Huma says. Their friends in Lahore looked after Arsalaan while he was on his own.

So what was the reaction from other holidaymakers when they saw her putting her arm around her imaginary friend?

“People were literally breaking their necks with the selfie sticks over there, so I came off really quite normal doing this,” she says airily.

In the meantime, Huma’s photos have gone viral. She’s now back with Arsalaan in Lahore, and hoping they’ll be able to go away together for their first anniversary”.

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