STR: Europe hotel supply development update


Str presents report for the top five European countries where there are ongoing new buildings or extensions of existing hotel units.

According to the data, there are under construction 1.317 properties with 162, 372 rooms, at the final design stage are located 1,485 properties with 101, 426 rooms, while in the planning stage are 1,733 properties with 164, 254 rooms.

See Table:


In particular,on  the top of the list, is Germany with 46, 498 rooms marking 7.1% to expand. Following the UK with 37,015 rooms in construction, with a percentage of 5.6%. Spain comes  third with 8,377 rooms under construction, with 1.4%. Also, Turkey has 6,620 rooms (2,3%) and last but no least France with 6,394 new rooms (1.2%).

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