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The ArtificiaI Intelligence (AI) revolution in negotiations

Written by Dr. Lemonia (Lenia) Papadopoulou-Kelidou and Dr. Nikolaos Antonakakis (*) Artificial Intelligence (AI) opens new horizons in the art of Negotiation by helping to reach agreements faster and more accurately. How would you feel if you were invited to a negotiation and met a chatbot instead of a physical person? What feelings would that […]

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4 ways in which Hotel Marketing ensures the customers we want

by Tasos Gousios (*) At a time when competitiveness in the hospitality sector is undeniable, the success of a hotel is closely linked to how it develops and how it promotes its image, services and facilities. Hospitality Marketing is not just a service. It is the bridge that connects the property to the general public. […]

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Issues of unconstitutionality of the mandatory quota of Greek music in public areas of hotels

By Dr. Ioannis Gitsakis (*) In a recent draft law of the Ministry of Culture, entitled “Measures for the preservation and promotion of Intangible Cultural Heritage, the protection and enhancement of Greek-language singing and orchestral music by Greek creators and the protection and dissemination of the Greek language, in the context of the preservation and […]

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Sebastian Ebel: “We have entered a decade of sustainable transformation. For us at TUI this is not a threat – it´s an opportunity”

At a press conference hosted by Vasilis Kikilias, Tourism Minister of Greece, Sebastian Ebel, CEO of TUI Group has delivered remarks on sustainability and the upcoming launch of the TUI Sustainability Agenda: “We have entered a decade of sustainable transformation. This is particularly true for the tourism sector – an industry that of course heavily […]

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How to increase sales in tourism industry

Selling travel for concert-goers and sports event attendees shouldn’t be like moving heaven and earth says Simon Goddard from Vibe -and now is the perfect moment to take advantage of the recovery of public events.  When asked by journalists why he robbed banks the infamous bank-robber Willie Sutton responded “because that’s where the money is”. Likewise, […]

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ForwardKeys: Russian air traffic through Serbia, Turkey and the UAE surges by over 200%: Russian air traffic through Serbia, Turkey and the UAE surges by over 200%

In response to media enquiries about the profile of travel from Russia in the light of sanctions, Olivier Ponti, VP Insights, ForwardKeys, said: “With many routes to and from Russia effectively closed, owing to the imposition of sanctions following the invasion of Ukraine, we are seeing air travel via Serbia, Turkey and the UAE surge […]

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Coronavirus, Paranoiavirus or what?

By Konstantinos St. Deriziotis Here’s some data concerning coronavirus: Coronavirus: 83.704 cases, 2859 deaths and 36.654 have been treated successfully Flu: there were 1.071 deaths only in Greece, while in Europe, only this year there are going to be more than 60.000 deaths, according to the World Health Organization In fact, there are several conspiracy […]

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Eight international factors affecting hotel operations

by Manos Lygerakis There is a series of factors affecting operations of hotels Political events General political conditions can actually affect how hotels operate. Particularly, terrorist attacks, wars, refuge crises and in general emigration play a significant role in shaping market interest as to the choice of holiday destination. For example, potential outbreak of war […]

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