Athens among the most economical, city breaks destinations in Europe in 2024


Athens is among the top ten most economical city breaks destinations in Europe this year, travel insurance company Quotezone has revealed.

In particular, the Greek capital is just one place below the top five, sixth in a row, with a tourist tax of 3 euros, while the cost of a meal is at a low level, just 15 euros, the price per night in hotels is 64.21 euros, the price of beer is 5 euros and the cost of a public transport ticket is 1.20 euros.

Quotezone’s ranking was based, in addition to the above-mentioned charges, on the distance of the city from the airport.

In the ranking, Warsaw emerged as the most affordable city in Europe for city breaks, as the Polish capital has no tourist tax and has the most affordable hotel room options at just €45.60 per night.

In second place was Zagreb, where a beer costs just €3, and in third place was Istanbul, where a meal costs just €8.65 and a public transport ticket costs 51 minutes.

Not surprisingly, London, Amsterdam and Paris are not so budget-friendly. Meals in the UK capital are the most expensive on the list, at around €23.25, while a hotel stay in Amsterdam has the highest average cost, at €121.91. Read the full ranking below.

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