Comeback for Kos hotels


German package holiday bookings to Kos rose by 21% in April, figures from leading German holiday reservations provider Traveltainment showed, and this upward trend appears to have continued into May, judging by the fvw Hotelometer, a demand-based fortnightly ranking of the most popular tourist hotels in Turkey, Spain and Greece.

Three of the top 10 hotels in the Greece ranking for the fortnight from May 16-29 are located in Mastichari, on the west coast of Kos, and have steadily moved up the rankings over the last two months. These are the Horizon Beach Resort, which rose to fifth from sixth in the previous ranking, the Princess of Kos, up to sixth from eighth, and a new entry, the Neptune Hotel, in eighth place.

The other seven hotels in the top ten ranking are located on Crete and Rhodes, the two main destinations for German holidaymakers in Greece. Overall, the Pilot Beach led the Atrium Palace and the Ikaros Beach as the three most popular hotels in terms of enquiries.

Elsewhere, in Spain, the Allsun Estrella & Coral de Mar in Alcudia was the main winner in the fortnight, moving up from eighth to third place in the family ranking and fifth overall. The Lopesan Costa Meloneras regained the overall top spot ahead of the Blau Punta Reina and the Iberostar Club Cala Barca.

In Turkey, the Side Breeze retained top spot ahead of the Royal Dragon and the Adalya Ocean in the overall ranking. The Side Breeze and the Royal Dragon were also the most popular for families while the Adalya Ocean and the Side Breeze topped the couples’ ranking.

The fvw Hotelometer is a fortnightly ranking of the most popular tourist hotels in Turkey, Spain and Greece, showing customer enquiries but not actual bookings. It is based on all enquiries in the Traveltainment reservations system used by German travel agents and online booking engines. The data, supplied by IT company TrevoTrend, is split into different categories (overall, families, couples, singles and star ratings).

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