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Costa Navarino launches “Eucrasia Messinia”, an exclusive programme promoting the perfect holistic balance of mind and body


Costa Navarino, the prime sustainable destination located in the Greek region of Messinia, southwest Peloponnese, is delighted to join forces with the Eucrasia International Centre of Wellness and Preventive Health Treatment (awarded by Conde Nast Traveler in its 2015 Spa Awards for “Most Progressive Detox”)  to present the “Eucrasia Messinia” programme. 

“Eucrasia Messinia” is based on the holistic theory by Hippocrates that aims to rebalance metabolism, neutralise stress, increase stamina, stimulate skin and improve elasticity and firmness, as well as lose weight.

The customized therapeutic programme launching at Costa Navarino will consist of medical tests, individual nutrition plans, relaxation treatments, physical rehabilitation, body workouts and an extensive follow-up after completion. The programme is supported by Greek and international centres and scientists specialized in metabolic medicine, training and diet. The medical tests are conducted in cooperation with Universities in Greece and abroad.

“Eucrasia Messinia” will be hosted in the multi award-winning Anazoe Spa, whose philosophy, based on the combination of ancient physiotherapy practices, ancient Greek music and natural products, greatly complements the overall Eucrasia approach.

The treatment lasts either 7 or 14 days and aims to boost cell rejuvenation (iasis) through diet nutrition therapy based on Messinia’s Mediterranean cuisine.

The Eucrasia programmes are applied by a team of three specialised doctors, nutritionists, ergo therapists and physical trainers.

Eucrasia programmes evolved from 20 years of scientific research by a multidisciplinary team, led by George Leon, an expert on metabolic Physical and Nutritional Biochemistry and on Molecular Nutrition (Metabolism), who is also the scientific partner of athletic unions and sports federations worldwide regarding athlete’s nutrition and performance.

George Leon, Founder of Eucrasia, said: “Living in a period full of environmental, emotional, physical  and spiritual  stress, the key for our health preventive  life is to listen to our  Ancient relatives, reset our body clock and exterminate the cascade of this cellular stress via the unique therapeutic  tools, food-exercise-relax-sleep”.

Stephanos Theodorides, Managing Director and Vice Chairman of TEMES S.A., said about this partnership: “Eucrasia Messinia programme is an innovative project.  George Leon and his scientific team, after many years of research, created a unique programme combining contemporary scientific knowledge and ancient wisdom.  We trust the benefits of this programme on both body and mind will soon make it a point of reference when it comes to wellness.”

In 2016, the programme will run on specific dates from September to November.  For more information please visit

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