Extending the season for Thessaloniki and Central Macedonia region in The Netherlands


Frequent flights have started by Transavia from Amsterdam to Thessaloniki half of February. To extend the season for Dutch tourists an itinerary has been made by the Thessaloniki Hotels Association together with Griekenland.net. A trip of five days to Thessaloniki combined with sightseeing and nature in Central Macedonia Region. Winter and summer together. A lot of different experiences in one trip. A day of wintersport at Kaimaktsalan ski resort with snow and temperatures below zero and the next day with sunshine on a terrace at the boulevard in Thessaloniki with 22 C. Just a 150 kilometer drive, two hours, from each other.

In Thessaloniki focus was on locals. Where do they eat, where do they go and where do they buy their stuff. Visiting local markets, trying local food and get familiar with a normal day in the city. Most of the things were discovered on foot in the morning, afternoon, evening and night. “We fell in love with Thessaloniki after some days. Every morning and evening a relaxing walk on the boulevard. The alternative atmosphere. So many places to eat and most of the taverns and restaurants offer very good traditional food at good prices. Also the options for daily excursions to Olympus mountain, hot springs of Pozar, the royal tombs of Vergina, waterfalls of Edessa and the ski center of Kaimaktsalan makes Thessaloniki and Northern Greece in general all year round destinations” said Bas Wanrooij from Griekenland.net.

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