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Fraport Greece presents the new design of the Mykonos airport|PHOTO


Fraport Greece presented the architectural design of the new Mykonos airport during an event that took place in Mykonos Island. The event was attended by representatives from the local authority, local stakeholders, the tourism and airline industry.

The design that was presented to the public for first time highlighted the philosophy
behind the new face of the Mykonos airport, which combines modern architecture
with the traditional style of the Cyclades.

The challenge for the architectural teams at K-STUDIO and BETAPLAN was great, as
since 1971 the airport has gone through repeated expansions. The aim was to come
up with a façade making special reference to the morphological principles of Mykonian
architecture but at the same time meeting the requirements of a modern day airport

First and last impressions are generated at an airport and therefore the architectural
teams wanted to create an area where the first image would be one of expectations of
what is to follow, whilst the last impression would be one that would enhance the
memories from an unforgettable stay at Mykonos.

Inspired by the Aegean pigeon houses, traditional samples of popular Aegean
architecture, the design approach combines the tradition of Mykonos with its modern
side. Thus, in 2021 when the airport will be completed, it will be a continuation of the
aesthetics and landscape architecture inviting its travelers and users to begin their
island exploration through the airport.

Alexander Zinell, CEO of Fraport Greece, stated during the event: “We are
particularly proud of the architectural design of the new Mykonos airport, which
combines the vision of the company with the unique features of the Myconian life
style. This new architectural approach is the result of a continuous dialogue with the
local community. The new Mykonos airport in 2021 will be a prominent symbol of
Cycladic architecture. To date we have implemented a series of upgrades on an
operational level, while construction is ongoing during the high-season.

With a total investment of €25 million, Mykonos Airport will become one of the most modern airports in Greece – a worthy gateway to this outstanding island.”
Apart from the refurbishment of the terminal, Fraport Greece’s plans for the
development of Mykonos airport include:

 Extension of a total area of 2000m2 to the northern side of the existing building which will host the airport’s new arrivals area.
 Expansion of the existing building by another 500m2 creating more Gates
 Complete remodeling – refurbishment of all airport areas
 New retail and F&B areas
 Complete refurbishment of the existing sanitary facilities
 Creation of two new VIP lounges
 Installation of a new automated luggage handling system
 Redesigning of the entire curbside areafraport mykonos fraport mykonos fraport mykonos fraport mykonos fraport mykonos

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