“Rhodes 5-0”: Global campaign by PROTOUR for the promotion of Silver tourism in Rhodes.


The Rhodes Tourism Promotion Agency is pleased to present today the Rhodes 5-0, Rhodes 5-0 program.

This is a program oriented to boost silver tourism during the low season as well as to extend the duration of the season. The main objective is that this program should form the basis for a new tourism product that could be developed in Rhodes, provided that there is involvement and support from the stakeholders involved, both private and non-governmental.

Rhodes 5-0 and its special title came to show the way for the 365 Holiday.

The program contains all those elements that Rhodes has to add such an innovative product to its ‘hands’ and present it to international markets. Culture, history, gastronomy, walking experiences, modern Rhodian life, tasting, museum visits, exploration and discovery, evening walks and entertainment, wellness and relaxation, cooking and tasting, uncovering secrets of 23 centuries of the Rhodian land. All these advantages of Rhodes are exploited for the development of Silver tourism in Rhodes.

This program is aimed mostly for couple travelers over 50 years old, (one of the two) and singles. It will be promoted in over 36 countries, several of which are non-European. Not only the silver tourism program will be promoted in the Greek market as well.

It is worth noting that first bookings were made last week from India!

PROTOUR invites everyone to embrace this initiative and publicly thanks the Administration and the President of the Museum of Neohellenic Art Rhodes, NESTORIDEIO MELATHRO, Mr. Sergios Aivazis the first patron and supporter of our effort.

All these advantages of Rhodes are exploited for the development of Silver Tourism, for couples and Singles, for Families and friends, for all the life explorers.

Rhodes is to share and feel,

Rhodes is to live your second life.

Rhodes again and again.

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