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USA to Greek destinations: Pre-booking on the rise despite tension in the Middle East

Forecasts for this year’s tourist season in Greece are positive as the President of the Hellenic American Chamber of Tourism, Mr. G. Trivizas, pointed out at the recent New York Times Travel Show. Globus is at a 20% increase in pre-bookings, Gate One at 30%, Homeric at 29% and Colette at 30%. However, the final […]

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INSETE : The Greek tourist product is superior of competitive destinations !!!

The hospitality and friendliness of the residents, the stay, the sense of security, the gastronomy and the beauty of the landscapes constitute the top 5 criteria for the satisfaction of tourists in Southern Europe (Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Turkey and Croatia). In these 5 crucial dimensions of tourist experience, Greece is more competitive than […]

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Greece is the best cruise destination worldwide|Two new distinctions

After Greece’s award at ITB Berlin as a top leisure destination and the Tourism Minister, Elena Kountoura, as the world’s best Tourism Minister, Greece has emerged as the world’s best cruise destination in the world-renowned Wave Awards for International Maritime Tourism »-« Best Destination (Port or Country)». The Wave Awards are awarded each year at […]

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Ryanair launches 12 new Greek routes for Winter 2019

Ryanair launched its Greek Winter 2019 schedule, with 12 new routes (connecting 10 countries) including exciting connections such as Athens to Barcelona and Madrid, and Thessaloniki to Copenhagen, with 55 routes in total, which will deliver 5.6m customers p.a. and support over 4,200* jobs at Ryanair’s Greek airports this year. Ryanair’s Greek Winter 2019 schedule […]

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At the top destinations of Instagram, is a Greek island!

According to the famous Vogue Australia, Instagram has a new tracking tool called Dash Hudson, which allows users to use geo-labels and keywords to see the most popular sites people are sending through Instagram. So, the following list, which shows the 40 most visited places for 2018, has been formed. In fact, Santorini is also […]

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POSIDONIA 2018 welcomes the world

Greek Prime Minister Mr Alexis Tsipras presided this evening over the official opening ceremony of Posidonia 2018, the world’s most prestigious biennial shipping event and one of the longest standing international maritime trade shows, which this year celebrates 50 years since its inception in the late 60’s. Addressing an international audience comprising heads of states, […]

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Greece is open for Cruise industry business says Greek minister at Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum

The Greek government has signaled its intentions to adopt a public private partnership model drive in order to improve critical port and air infrastructure required to help the country optimize its full potential as a destination of choice for global cruise liners and passengers. Speaking at the opening day of the 4th Posidonia Sea Tourism […]

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Greek Archaeologist Says He Has Found Aristotle’s Tomb

A Greek archaeologist who has been leading a 20-year excavation in northern Greece said on Thursday that he believed he had unearthed the tomb of Aristotle. In an address at a conference in Thessaloniki, Greece, commemorating the 2,400th anniversary of Aristotle’s birth, the archaeologist, Konstantinos Sismanidis, said he had “no proof but strong indications, as […]

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