Exclusive- 4+1 top hotel deals for the 2024 season | Athens, Rhodes, Crete


-There is a lot of activity in the current period in the hotel deals, and in view of the new season that is predicted to be extremely hot, those who want to sell hurry and those who want to buy similarly.
So today I woke up in the mood to intrigue you a bit, as I have lately…abandoned you. Maybe I’ve even gotten a little restless in the fact that all the big deals in the industry, you can read about them EXCLUSIVELY in MONEY & TOURISM.

So, after the preface, we move on to the main issue.

Athens is leading the deals at the moment. So in a few days a very big deal will be announced for an iconic Athens hotel, which will be transferred to a well-known Greek hotel family, which is making its first investment in Athens. It is one of the most famous and most profitable hotels in the centre of the capital, which has been “hit” by three interested parties. Interestingly, the foreign owners decided to liquidate all their assets in Greek Tourism…

A little further downtown, two smaller units changed hands. They have a few dozen rooms each, but the interest lies in the highly touted owner, but there’s probably a falling out between the partners and they’re selling. In fact, the seller was hired a well-known and prominent executive in the tourism industry and with international experience, who does not report to the owners, but to the fund…

Interesting background: in one of the units that was acquired by a foreign company, the new owners called suppliers and asked them to take back items with the name of the hotel and bring them other items with the new name…

Let’s go to Rhodes where a well-known hotel family has acquired a small, but in an excellent location on the beach in the city, hotel, which they are thoroughly renovating. Reports say that they will not make it this season, although efforts are being made.

And let’s go down now to Crete. The four deals that we’re describing have already been closed and three of the four have already been signed, and the fourth one is just a matter of days before the final agreement is signed. In Crete, however, there are discussions about one of the most iconic hotels in the wider Heraklion area, owned by a well-known hotel group. At the moment, although there are many suitors, there is no white smoke, nor any given intention of the owners to sell.

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