‘Hotel Experience’: The new ambitious project of V. Bartzokas and Aris Marinakis for the Hospitality Experience


Hotel Experience’ (Conference & Expo) is a production of Vassilis Bartzokas of Design Ambassador and Aris Marinakis of Architectural Editions in collaboration with FLUX OFFICE, the multi-talented architect and set designer Eva Manidaki and Thanasis Demiris, is inspired by hotel atmospheres found in iconic cinematic works such as Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” (1980), Wong Kar-wai’s “In the mood for love” (2000) and Wes Anderson’s “Grand Budapest Hotel” from 2014.

The exhibition design of ‘Hotel Experience’ stages the visitor’s encounter with a different world incorporating the elusive charm of cinema aesthetics. The commercial pavilions turn into hotel rooms while the rest of the exhibition spaces refer to distinctive hotel meeting spots such as the Reception, the Lobby, the Foyer, the Pool and The Elevator.

If you wish to participate as an exhibitor, please contact Mr. Aris Marinakis at +306956304835, send an email to [email protected] with the subject: Hotel Experience Participation or register here!

The Hotel Experience event is nothing like a “sectoral exhibition or conference for hotels and tourism” and the design of the exhibition stages the visitor’s encounter with an alien world that encapsulates the phantasmagoria of cinematic aesthetics.

The commercial pavilions are transformed into hotel rooms, while the other spaces of the exhibition refer to typical hospitality areas such as Reception, Foyer, Swimming Pool, Elevator, referring to an atmospheric hotel with cinematic references.

The starting point of the exhibition is the Reception, the reception area for guests with a corresponding cinematic reference that introduces them directly into the delicate atmosphere of the hotel. The Reception, and the two staircases that surround it, are connected to the large lounge, where the main part of the pavilions are located. The large lounge of the foyer constitutes the main exhibition space, meeting point and seating area.

Attend the Hotel Experience, free of charge, with a seat reservation here.

On either side of the extended foyer corridor, which is covered with carpeting reminiscent of Kubrick’s classic film The Shining, are shared pavilions – hotel rooms. The incorporation of neon signs, often found at the entrances of hotels in particular, create visual horizons and intensify the theatrical atmosphere of the space. The exhibition route continues through the central foyer to space B (Black Box) where the visitor is invited to explore the interior of the other rooms – pavilions.

The main objective of the architecture and organization of the space is to create a multi-sensory experience as the visitor of the exhibition becomes a guest of the hotel who is invited to navigate through an attractive and mysterious hospitality space.
























The allegory of the hotel is captured through seThe allegory of the hotel is captured through set constructions, cinematic references and lighting, inviting an unexpected environment.

The initial conception came from the desire to create an environment where hoteliers, tourism people and architects-Interior Designers, could take in with all their senses the potential applications of materials. An environment where materials, services and products related to the hospitality market could be presented outside the typical branded context more suited to past times.

“Today we live in the age of narratives. People participate in them equally physically, digitally and imaginatively. The Hotel Experience is an event that unleashes imagination and unleashes creativity. Artistic curation can even help the exhibitor build a stronger brand image, while increasing its commercial reach by exposing its solutions to a wider audience beyond the usual exhibition visitors,” clarifies Vassilis Bartzokas.

The event, which is addressed to Hoteliers, Tourism and Hospitality People, Architects and Designers and the world of Materials, will take place at the Athens Conservatory on Saturday and Sunday 5 & 6 October 2024.

More details about the strategic partnerships and the conference programme with international speakers from the field of Tourism and Hospitality will be announced in the near future.

If you are interested in participating as an exhibitor you can register here!

Hotel Experience _ The Conference

“A tourist is a temporarily leisured person who voluntarily visits a place away from home for the purpose of experiencing a change.”
Hosts and Guests, The Anthropology of Tourism

Travelers suspend their usual life patterns for the sake of making precious use of their time. Reluctant to be confined by their tastes in food, art, or typical entertainment, they experiment.

For the whole point of travel is to escape the boundaries of everyday life.

In this context, authenticity and constructed environments alternate to form the “experience” and the “atmosphere.”

Travelers approach the different, entrepreneurs seek the right idea, the local community inspires, and architects design.

People and Numbers

In 2023, the number of visitors increased by 11.5% compared to the previous year in Greece. This rise pushed tourism revenue to an all-time high of approximately 21 billion euros. In 2024, tourist arrivals increased by 16%, and revenue growth reached 27.1% (Ministry of Tourism data, Q1).

Tourism, one of the world’s largest industries, is valued for its economic benefits. In countries like Greece, it inherently becomes a means of mutual—though not always balanced—cultural exchange: travelers seek the experience of the different, while simultaneously bringing profound cultural change to the places they visit.

Entrepreneurship and Architecture

With the rise of tourism, hospitality brands compete for travelers’ preference and the most attractive B2B deals. There is also competition among destinations—from the Mediterranean basin to large-scale artificial environments like “Santorini” and “Hallstatt” in China.

In Greece, investment activity is more intense than ever, with typologies that tend to create a style and tactile qualities that gradually narrate their common logic.

What role does architecture play in shaping a product, a brand, and a narrative that collectively represents the country’s development philosophy? Can it contribute to the exportability of strong local brands?

On the Hotel Experience Stage

At the Hotel Experience conference, topics related to architecture, entrepreneurship, and society will be discussed. Architects, entrepreneurs, investors, social scientists, and institutional representatives will participate in one-on-one discussions and panels, or present illuminating keynotes aimed at inspiring, generating ideas, showcasing best practices, and drawing conclusions.

Facts & Credits
Typology Conference, Architecture, Design, Exhibition
Location Athens Conservatory
Date Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 October 2024
Εxperience Design & Art Direction by Flux Office / Eva Manidaki & Thanasis Demiris
Production Vasilios Mpatzokas / Design Ambassador
Coproduction Aris Marinakis / Architectural Editions

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