Europeans put Greece third in the ranking to travel in the summer of 2024

According to the European Travel Commission’s 18th “Monitoring Sentiment for Intra-European Travel” report, Greece is considered the third most popular destination for Europeans for the upcoming summer season. Preference rates are 8% for Italy and Spain, 6% for Greece and 5% for Germany. 34% of Europeans will travel in May and June and 44% in […]

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Among the countries Europeans want to visit next year is Greece

Greece is considered one of the most popular destinations in Europe’s tourism markets if Europeans themselves prefer shorter distances. Germany, France, the UK and Spain contribute 40% of inbound tourism. This is a new study by the Institute of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises entitled “The profile of important markets of Greek tourism” which […]

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ETC: Europeans adjust travel plans due to cost worries

The number of Europeans planning to take trips from June to November 2023 decreased by 4% compared to last year but still remains high at 69%. Austrians, Swiss, and Germans stand out as the most hesitant holidaymakers, with 45%, 56%, and 62% of respondents respectively having travel plans in the next months. In contrast, the […]

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Europeans increasingly eager to travel during Spring 2021 as Covid-19 vaccine rollout begins

32% of respondents indicated that they intend to take a trip during April-June 2021, a 20% rise compared to the previous research wave 52% of Europeans plan to travel in the next six months, a 5% increase compared to the November 2020 survey Strict health and safety protocols allow the majority of Europeans (67%) to […]

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ETC: Europeans still optimistic about Travel

European travellers are eager to resume travel, but anxiety over a rising number of coronavirus cases and stringent travel restrictions may cause many to put their anticipated journeys on hold, according to a new study released today by the European Travel Commission (ETC) in the framework of a project co-funded by the European Union. This […]

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The Canary Islands are the number one holiday destination

Spain, Egypt, Turkey, Greece and Cape Verde – these are the top five destinations Europeans prefer to visit during their Easter break. TUI’s Holiday Atlas, regularly published by TUI Group to show European travellers’ favourite travel destinations, lists these destinations in that order. As last Christmas, the number one holiday destination in the overall ranking […]

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ITB Berlin and IPK International: International City Trips – A Success Story

For years, city trips have been the fastest-growing segment of the international leisure travel market as Europeans, Asians, North and South Americans head for attractive destinations in nearby countries as well as overseas. In worldwide terms, no other form of outbound holiday has grown so strongly in the last decade. Compared to holiday trips in […]

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