Europeans put Greece third in the ranking to travel in the summer of 2024


According to the European Travel Commission’s 18th “Monitoring Sentiment for Intra-European Travel” report, Greece is considered the third most popular destination for Europeans for the upcoming summer season. Preference rates are 8% for Italy and Spain, 6% for Greece and 5% for Germany.

34% of Europeans will travel in May and June and 44% in July and August. In addition, 17% intend to travel in September and October. Europeans’ propensity to travel to Europe stands at 75% in the period from May to October 2024, up 3% compared to the same period last year.

20% prefer “Sun – Sea” trips and 16% City Breaks, while 19% said their favourite holiday experience is enjoying natural landscapes. This is followed by local cuisine (17%), local culture (15%) and admiring famous attractions (15%).

Enthusiasm for travel is recorded in all age groups over 25, reaching 81% in the over-55 age group. This determination, combined with the desire to secure holidays at more favourable prices, is leading to an increase in pre-bookings with 52% of European travellers (including 56% aged 18-24) having already fully or partially booked their trips.

Holiday budgets remain stable compared to a year ago, with 42% planning to spend up to €1,000 per person on their next trip, covering both accommodation and transport.

Despite a strong desire to travel, 22% of Europeans are worried about escalating travel costs, and 17% about personal finances. Geopolitical tensions (Ukraine, Middle East) are expressed as a concern by 12% and 10% of Europeans. This is followed by obstacles to transport options (10%), large crowds (9%) and extreme weather events (8%).

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