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Which destinations do Britons find cheap and exciting?


According to new research by Flight Hacks, here are the top 10 cheap and exciting destinations selected based on  British travellers’ interests.

The comparison and research in terms of flights from any London airport, food and hotels per night comes to the conclusion to identify the most beautiful and culturally rich cities for a holiday on the Old Continent without spending a lot of money.

Bucharest is ranked as the best holiday destination in Europe, with an average cost per day of 215.52 pounds. Romania’s capital has the cheapest average hotel rates of all European destinations, at just £86.72.

What are the cheapest and most exciting destinations for Britons: 

  • Bucharest, Romania / from £215.52
  • Krakow, Poland / from £216.45
  • Seville, Spain / from £219.05
  • Prague, Czech Republic / from £219.86
  • Warsaw, Poland / from 220,70 pounds
  • Istanbul, Turkey / from 234,80 pounds
  • Riga, Latvia / from GBP 242,16
  • Frankfurt, Germany / from £250.37
  • Porto, Portugal / from £256.88
  • Valencia, Spain / from £262.34

The lowest prices per destination and services:

  • Bucharest: Cheapest average hotel rates of all European destinations at just £86.72.
  • Krakow: One of the cheapest places in Europe to eat, at £7.90.
  • Seville: Lowest prices in a mid-range restaurant with only £37.68 for a three-course meal for two people.
  • Prague: Cheapest average flight price (£76.61) and lowest average domestic beer price at £1.87.
  • Warsaw: Hotel prices were on average £11.65 cheaper in Warsaw than in Krakow, costing only £90.36.
  • Istanbul: low internal travel costs, with the average taxi journey (per 1 km) and the average public transport fare (one way) costing only 0.44 lira.
  • Riga: One of the cheapest destinations to buy a bottle of water, with an average price of £0.94 and one of the cheapest places to get a McDonalds meal at only £6.21.
  • Frankfurt: Has the lowest average combined price for flights and hotels with just £169.64.
  • Porto: Porto is cheapest for a cappuccino with just £1.35.
  • Valencia: Low prices in a restaurant costing £38.53 for a three-course meal for two people.

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