Engaging Cultural Experiences in Greece

TOURISM is a creative travel agency that takes small groups on highly customized experiences with knowledgeable & fun field experts. aims to show to travelers the authentic Greek culture through personalized and innovative services.
The  agency’s concept is to make the traveler feel like a Greek by offering exciting cultural walking tours, tailor-made vacation plans, unforgettable gastronomic experiences like Greek cooking classes and thematic food walks, family-friendly workshops, dancing lessons & out-of-the-box team building activities for the corporate world. offers to travelers who come to Athens high quality, customized and uniquely crafted travel experiences. By offering thematic & curated walking tours and hands-on activities, the team of helps the traveler to come closer to the Greek culture, history and way of life in a personalized, fun and engaging way. Their main aim is to feature the diversities, the beauties and the local aspects of living in Athens and to become the ideal choice for every traveler who wishes to see the city in a personal, authentic and genuine way.

Explore the city with the eyes of a local
Wear comfortable shoes and explore Athens through specific cultural trails. designed curate walks in the city that are meant to reveal a different, unique & timeless Athens.

Prepare mouthwatering Greek recipes

Get to know the gastronomical tradition of Greece by cooking Greek recipes in a private, authentic place in downtown Athens. With the help of a food specialist, you will have the chance to create the most delicious Greek plates and have a great time dining with people that share the same passion with you!

Dance with the Greeks

If you have felt the urge to dance a traditional Greek dance then this is the time to do so. Through a fun and simple process, with the help of a professional dancer, travelers learn quickly and easily the steps of the most famous Greek dances and enjoy themselves in an authentic Greek feast!

Create your tailor-made trip to Athens
For a more personalized experience, offers the chance to step-by-step design your Greek vacation, based on your personal desires and needs. The only thing you have to do is to complete a short questionnaire with your travel preferences. Then, the field experts of will design the perfect itinerary for your dreamed Greek holidays!

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