HRADF: Launch of tender for a business park in Fyli with hotels


The National Fund of Greece, announces the launch of an international tender, through the Competitive Dialogue procedure, for the development of a Logistics Park, with a total area of approximately 412,000 square meters, located in the area “Spilies”, in the Municipality of Fyli.

The tender was prepared and is carried out by the Project Preparation Facility (PPF) of HRADF (Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund) on behalf of the Municipality of Fyli, which is the final beneficiary and the owner of the project. The preferred investor will sign a concession agreement with the Municipality of Fyli for at least 35 years and will undertake the financing, design, development, construction, operation, maintenance, and long-term operation of the Logistics Park. The exact duration of the Concession Agreement, as well as the extension that may be granted, will be determined after the conclusion of the Competitive Dialogue and will be included in the invitation for the submission of Binding Offers.

The tender process will take place in two phases. Phase A of the tender will be completed with the pre-qualification of the candidates, based on technical and financial criteria, and Phase B involves the Request for the Submission of Binding Offers by the pre-qualified investors.

The new sustainable and innovative national transport center and Logistics Park in Fyli will effectively support the needs of the national logistics market and will contribute to the growth of the region of Western Attica, by creating new jobs during the construction and the operation period. The land uses of the property include the special use of tourist accommodation – hotels, for the proper operation of the Logistics Park. 

The Executive Director and Head of the Project Preparation Facility of HRADF, Panagiotis Stampoulidis, stated: “A significant project is on track for implementation, as HRADF’s Project Preparation Facility completed rapidly all the necessary procedures. The Logistics Park in Fyli is a project that will be developed on sustainable terms for the society, the economy and the environment and will contribute to the establishment of Greece as an international logistics hub. The Project Preparation Facility of HRADF will continue to implement important projects for the further development of the country as well as for the mitigation of the climate crisis”.

The Chair of the Board of Directors of HRADF, Thanasis Ziliaskopoulos, said: “The launch of the tender for the Logistics Park in Fyli marks a new era for the logistics industry in Greece. Our country will acquire a modern, innovative and green Logistics Park, with substantial benefits for the national economy, the society and the environment, by creating new jobs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The creation of the Park in Fyli combined with the project for the development of another Logistics Park at the “Gonou” former military base in Thessaloniki, will establish Greece as a supply chain hub in Southeastern Europe, offering more competitive transport services and significant benefits to consumers”.

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