Cruises to the Greek islands are preferred by travellers | At the top of the world’s searches


The Greek islands top the list of cruise searches worldwide, according to a new study by AllClear.

In particular, they rank 13th out of 15 destinations, with 409,470 searches between April 2023 and March 2024.

AllClear’s cruise travel insurance experts revealed the world’s current dream cruise destinations, with the Caribbean topping the list of desirable destinations from 44 different countries around the world.

“Whether one wishes to visit many different, sunny, Mediterranean countries without worrying about packing and unpacking in each new country, or spotting polar bears in Arctic waters, cruising is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable ways to experience the world,” AllClear notes.

AllClear analysed average monthly searches to more than 100 popular cruise destinations to find out which cruise itineraries are the most popular in each country around the world.

The Caribbean is the most sought-after cruise destination. With tropical beaches in the Bahamas and the sandy shores of the Cayman Islands often part of the itinerary, Caribbean cruises have attracted over 2.8 million searchesθ placing this sunny destination firmly in first place.

Mediterranean cruises are the second most sought after, with 2.1 million searches for cruises sailing around European seas in the last 12 months. With key stops often including historic cities such as Rome and Athens, this option offers travellers the perfect blend of culture, history and maritime bliss.

Rounding out the top three most popular cruises in the world is the Alaska cruise, which crosses glaciers where bears, whales and other creatures can be spotted along the way.

Other notable cruises in the ranking include the stunning Norwegian Fjords, South America and the Mississippi River.

The survey also revealed that 66% of people are seriously considering a cruise for their next holiday

Top 15 cruise destinations worldwide

Κατάταξη Κρουαζιέρα Αναζητήσεις (Απρ. ’23 – Μάρ. ’24)
1 Caribbean Cruise 2,824,180
2 Mediterranean Cruise 2,146,670
3 Alaska Cruise 1,804,940
4 Nile River Cruise 1,025,830
5 Antarctica Cruise 969,670
6 Seine River Cruise 695,040
7 Norwegian Fjords Cruise 674,230
8 Danube River Cruise 548,840
9 Mississippi River Cruise 462,580
10 Hawaii Cruise 454,670
11 Around The World Cruises 424,920
12 Rhine River Cruise 416,320
13 Greek Isles Cruise 409,470
14 Douro River Cruise 363,060
15 Panama Canal Cruise 342,420 


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