Kalymnos: A treasure island for divers and climbers


Are you looking for pure and pristine places? Do you crave simplicity and authenticity in the Greek islands? Do you like serenity, relaxation and outdoor recreation? Are you mad about rock climbing, scuba diving, or both? Well, if this is what you’re after, Kalymnos is a hidden gem in the Aegean, a unique piece of Greece that you must discover.

What to do in Kalymnos

Treasures of the Aegean Sea
Arid and rocky Kalymnos. The only exit for its residents: the sea. Generously, the sea provided the locals with its valuable sponges, which they gratefully began harvesting. Exactly when Kalymnians started sponge diving is lost in the mists of time. Today, they have one of the largest fishing fleets in the Aegean and they produce about 30,000 sponges annually. You’ll be able to see the numerous species of sponge, as well as witness the various stages they go through before reaching the market.

International climbing destination
Some of the most beautiful rock climbing routes in Europe can be found here, and Kalymnos has become world-famous for its gorgeous (and safe) climbing venues. The rocks on the island have excellent traction and access to climbing areas is a breeze. More than 60 climbing fields and more than 1,300 marked and secure routes can be found here. It’s an adventurer’s paradise in the Mediterranean!

Diving in the deep of Kalymnosscuba-divers-couple The International Diving Festival convenes here, on this island in the Aegean, every year. Magical worlds – like Nera, Telendos, Platy and the nearby island of Pserimos – will stay carved in your memory as you dive into their depths. Explore the sunken ancient city hidden under the Myrties-Telendos sea channel.

Esperidon fjord
Perhaps the most beautiful fjord in Greece. The deep and wonderful, centuries-old world captivates visitors. The valley, embroidered with tangerine and orange trees, slopes down to the Aegean, where it meets the water. Inhabitants from the Neolithic period onwards have all left their mark.

Hidden gems of Kalymnos

Telendos: once a peninsula, now an island
A terrifying earthquake in 554 AD sliced off a piece of Kalymnos, which sunk into the water at Pothaia. Today the island of Telendos lies across from Kalymnos, with fragments and ruins from that era. During your holiday here, you can take the boat across, go for a swim, and walk along the island to see the lost ancient civilisation.

Holidays and Dorian gastronomy
The cuisine of Kalymnos is based on the simplicity and austerity of the Dorians. Mououri is lamb stuffed with rice, mirmizeli is a bread rusk salad with oil, tomato and cheese, fylla are stuffed vine leaves. Delicious!

The Sanctuary of Dalios Apollo
The sanctuary constituted the most important place of worship of the patron saint of the island, but it also functioned as a political and religious centre for ancient Kalymnos. There were places of worship here, such as temples to Apollo and Asklepios, as well as a theatre and a gymnasium. It can be found to the west of the hora, on the road that leads to Panormo. As you explore the area, you’ll find two large Christian churches from the 5th and 6th century.

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