Lamda Development presents Τhe Ellinikon coastal front and Marina Galleria, the new destination ofthe Athens Riviera


Lamda Development presented its plans for the redevelopment of The Ellinikon coastal front and the new landmark at the Marina of Agios Kosmas, Marina Galleria,that are set to transform the Athens Riviera into a top international destination.

This is Lamda Development’s second digital presentation updating the public on the progress of the iconic Ellinikon project.

“Connection to the sea is a key element in our planning for The Ellinikon. Therefore, the redevelopment of the coastal front is in itself a stand-alone project that we have prioritised. Our vision is for The Ellinikon coastal zone, which is 3.5 kilometres long, to become the most beautiful part of the Athens Riviera and a popular destination for recreation, sports, relaxation, and entertainment for all, as well as a new commercial and tourist attraction that will give Greece a growth boost,”said Lamda Development CEO, Mr. Odisseas Athanasiou.

Marina Galleria: a new generation destination by the sea

Marina Galleria will offer visitors a multifaceted, high-end shopping, gastronomy, and entertainment experience reflecting current international trends. At 22,000 sq.m., it will be hosting leading fashion brands, some of which will have their own retail space in Greece for the first time, as well as well-established Greek designers. It will also offer many high-level gastronomy options by well-known Greek and international chefs, as well as a wide range of cultural and recreational events.Designed by the internationally acclaimed architectural firm Kengo Kuma and Associates,with an impressive portfolio of projects around the world, Marina Galleria will be one of The Ellinikon landmarks, an architectural reference point at the new marina of Agios Kosmas, and an attraction for visitors from Greece and abroad.

“Thanks to its premium location, its high-end architecture, and its connection with the water element, as well as the multifaceted experience it will offer visitors, Marina Galleria will be a new-generation destination, unique by Greek standards,” stressed Lamda Development Chief Development Officer for Marina Galleria, Ms Melina Paizi.

“For the design of Marina Galleria, we had the unique opportunity to combine different elements and materials from the Greek landscape through a modern design approach. Thus, a new typology was created: a state-of-the-art commercial destination, open to the sea, the sun, and the Greek landscape”, noted Mr. Aris Kafantaris, Architectural Design Director at the Kengo Kuma & Associates architectural firm. The most beautiful coastal front in Europe Lamda Development’s planning for the redevelopment of the Ellinikon coastal zone includes several iconic landmarks and destinations, high lighting the area’s unique natural beauty and the significant growth potential of the Athens Riviera as a leading, year-round, global tourist destination.Among others, a new 1 kilometre free-access sandy beach will be created on the coastal front, where city residents and visitors can swim, exercise, and be entertained.

Lamda Development’s planning also includes the redevelopment at the marina of Agios Kosmas, which will be upgraded in terms of both capacity and services, as well as the development of two luxury hotels in collaboration with TEMES. Marina Tower, the green high-rise of unique architecture designed by the leading architectural firm Foster + Partners, will also be in the same area.The coastal front will be connected to the Metropolitan Park and the rest of The Ellinikon’s are a sand landmarks via a 50-kilometre network of walking and cycling paths, as well as public transportation. Lamda Development’s goal is to transform The Ellinikon and the Athens Riviera into a world-class high-quality destination which adds value to neighbouring municipalities, to Attica and Greece, and creates new beautiful, green open spaces for citizens to exercise, relax and enjoy themselves by the sea.

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