money-tourism.gr : First, by far, in 2019 ! ! !

Once again, money-tourism.gr occupies the top position among tourism informative media.

This excellence refers not only to the absolute figures, but also to the quality ones where our website competes and surpasses top informative websites-portals, having a traditional presence in our country’s events.

This development is even more significant considering that money-tourism’s public figures are “certified” and not “estimated”, like what happens in the majority of other media.

More specifically, money-tourism.gr presented the following figures at the end of the year:

  • Ranking in Greece at position 980
  • Ranking in global web at position 113.214
  • Bounce rate 39.9%
  • Average reader’s time 16.01 minutes
  • Pages read by each reader 5.6

Bounce rate is an index that shows the percentage of readers leaving the website just a few seconds after clicking it. The lower this index, the better rating of the website. Money-tourism.gr is first relating to that index, as well as to the average duration of reader’s stay. Let us no comment on the 16.01 seconds that readers remain at money-tourism.gr…

In the following table, you can see these figures in detail:alexa_money_tourism_2018This development proves once again the readers’ love and trust towards our website since 1995.

From our part, we thank you through effort, honesty, pursuit, validity, speed, and of course with many EXCLUSIVE topics.

We try our best to be present everywhere, without counting personal time, cost, or whatever else that might affect our goal, which is your own information and our contribution to the tourism industry.

And a reward

In addition, the year ended with a very important and pleasant personal event.

I was honored with the “VLASSIS SOCRATIDIS” Prize, as part of the journalism prizes of “Athanassios Vas. Botsis” Promotion Foundation Journalism, which are awarded in a special ceremony in the presence of the President of the Hellenic Republic.

That will be the 35th Award and it is a great honor and pleasure for me and for the whole staff working for MONEY & TOURISM, the only monthly tourism magazine, and for money-tourism.gr.

I thank the Hellenic Union of Editors of Periodical Press (HUEPP) and the Foundation and I promise to represent and promote the HUEPP, in the prize Awards to the country’s leading journalists.

I wish you all a happy year with health, creativity and luck.

From the depths of my heart, thank you.

Constantinos St. Deriziotis

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