India on its way to become a medical tourism hub


Every year, the Indian Medical Tourism Industry is facing a phenomenal growth percentage of 18% CAGR. Currently constituting nearly 18% of the global medical tourism market, by 2020, India is expected to reach 20% of the share with a worth of about USD 9 billion.

According to the Medical Tourism Market Report 2015, India is ‘one of the lowest cost and highest quality of all medical tourism destinations’. India is surely on its way to become a medical tourism hub.

India is popular for offering a complete bouquet of healthcare services at affordable prices. With a diversity of languages, India is one of the largest English-speaking nations. Furthermore, there’s an easy availability of language interpreters, English-based documents etc. working as an advantage for the country especially with regard to inward medical tourists.

Be it cardiac bypass, heart surgery, bone-marrow transplant or even cosmetic surgery and dental care, India has become a popular destination for these procedures along with advanced and alternative medicine processes. Some of the major factors supplementing the robust expansion of medical tourism in India are affordability, implementation of technology, personalized care, post-treatment recovery as well as government and private players

Policies like the introduction of Medical VISA and e-Medical VISA allowing multiple entries and longer stays have been implemented. Further, the government is actively directing accreditations to wellness centres and Medical Value Travel (MVT) facilitators.


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