Mr. Konsolas: Calls for the energy upgrade of small hotels in preparation


The parliamentary intervention of the Member of Parliament of the Dodecanese, Mr. Manos Konsolas, on the need to finance actions for the energy upgrade of small hotels, under three stars, has had an effect.

The competent minister, Mr. Nikos Papathanasis, in his written reply and briefing to Mr.Consolas, says that the “Environment and Climate Change” Programme of the Programming Period 2021-2027, includes actions that finance projects and interventions to improve the energy efficiency of buildings in Small and Medium Enterprises of the secondary and tertiary sector (including tourist accommodation).

The interventions to be supported concern work to improve the energy efficiency of building infrastructure, as well as the installation of self-production and energy distribution systems (electricity and heat).

In the same framework, interventions in the building envelope and in systems through at least medium-scale renovation leading to a reduction in the energy consumption of the building or to at least a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions are included.

The Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr Papathanasis, informed Mr Consolas that the relevant invitations will be issued after the relevant programming of the Ministry of Energy has been communicated in order to avoid overlaps.

Mr. Konsolas, in his parliamentary intervention, had pointed out that small hotels, under three stars, are small family businesses that need immediate energy upgrading in terms of their facilities.

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