“Olympic Games 1896″, Photo Exhibition in Athens


Athens International Airport, Benaki Museum and Costa Navarino collaborate to present a unique artistic exhibition.
On the occasion of this year’s Olympics and 120 years since the revival of the ancient Games, three entities significantly active in different industries join forces and present this intriguing cultural project.

Twenty-five photos depict the history of the Games starting from the International Committee and the Greek great national benefactor Georgios Averof who funded the restoration of the ancient city Stadium, up to the waterseller athlete, Spyros Louis posing to Mayer right after winning the Marathon Race wearing his all-white fustanella (pleated skirt).

The exhibition takes visitors back to the 1896 first modern Olympic Games in Athens by bringing the historical photos from the album of the official Olympic photographer held at the Benaki Museum Historical Archives to life with the aid of modern technology. Visual artist, Eva Nathena, and her associates capitalise on this exceptional photographic material in order to recapture those historic moments in a unique way.

The exhibition is held at the “Art & Environment” area, Departures Level of Athens International Airport (Entrance 3/accessible on a 24hour basis) from May 16 to September 16, as well as at the Costa Navarino Resort premises in Messina from April 27 to November 30, 2016.

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