Greece takes second place in the ranking of the most popular Instagram destination for Easter 2024

TOURISM TRAVEL WORLD used data from Instagram to create a list of the 20 most popular countries for Easter this year. The car rental company researched how often hashtags were used on Instagram that referenced each country’s Easter celebrations, as well as the spring for each destination. Greece achieved an impressive ranking of 2nd place for Easter destinations and 18th place for spring. 

In more detail, the top 5 Easter destinations were as follows:

The United Kingdom ranked 1st, as the country was tagged 3655 times on Instagram.

Greece ranked 2st, as was tagged 2927 times with Easter-related hashtags.

Coming in 3rd place, Australia achieved a score of 2793. An interesting fact about Easter in Australia is that as part of a conservation effort to protect the country’s wildlife, there are references to the Easter Bilby rather than the Easter Bunny. This adorable marsupial with long ears is said to bring children Easter eggs and there are chocolate bilbies in many shops in the run up to the festive season.

Canada is ranked 4th, as it was tagged 1394 times. Every year in the city of Toronto, thousands flock to the Beaches Easter Parade, for the colourful floats, stilt walkers and bands to march through the city. With over 100,000 attendees, last year’s was the largest ever.

Finally, completing our top 5, Ireland scored 662. Historically, the Irish tradition of a competition or dance would take place on Good Friday evening and the winner would receive a cake as a prize. also compared the order in which countries were ranked for Easter celebrations on Instagram in 2023 with this year’s results.
It’s the second year in a row that Greece has ranked 2nd. However, Greece is actually one place higher in the ranking than it was in 2023 for the spring destinations list, as it was in 19th place last year.

Aleksandrs Buraks, Head of Development at, comments:
“Greece has so many rich traditions for both Easter and the coming of spring. We enjoyed exploring this piece and reading about all the different ways people in Greece celebrate the changing seasons as well as the Orthodox Holy Week. One of the customs that impressed us the most was the beautiful processions on Good Friday, where the Epitaph will be carried down the street followed by a crowd singing hymns. Something we like about the list is that spring in each of these countries will be a different experience depending on the time of year. If you were to visit Australia or New Zealand in the spring, you would travel from September to November, meaning you might see two seasons of spring in the same year!”

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