LAVORIA launches in Greece


The official launch of LAVORIA, an emerging recruitment platform for the hospitality industry, will take place on 21st of October in Greece.

In the middle of 2021, the whole Europe suffered labor shortages in hospitality. It’s the first time the industry is facing such a shortage, which many are calling a recruitment crisis. Covid-19 exposed an issue that has been festering for years. An industry with notorious levels of personnel churn, a deficit of skilled staff and a poor reputation on hours and pay, hospitality was struggling to recruit long before the pandemic. This is especially true for Greece, where only 15,852 positions (73 %) were covered of demand reached 21,821 jobs in 2019, and less than 65% in 2021, although there were estimated vacancies in hospitality more than 20% higher than pre-pandemic levels.

HoReCa industry now is forced to transform and to find new solutions in a highly competitive recruitment market, and like the whole post-pandemic World strives for digital.

LAVORIA is designed to address these challenges by providing a functionally rich solution with the following benefits:

  • Manage more with less by significant increases in automation,
  • Provide a better, more relevant employee to clients from a large all-EU candidates’ database,
  • Manage a hiring process within one platform,
  • Ensure effective communication between the candidate and the employer without time investments from both sides,
  • Provide only verified options to the candidate and employer.

“LAVORIA was created in 2019. At the beginning of the pandemic, we froze the project due to objective circumstances. Then we could not even think that the ending of the furlough scheme would bring LAVORIA to the life-saving position for the industry,” says Daria Dzhuzenova, COO and LAVORIA spokeswoman.

Provide a perfect match between employer and employee in HoReCa – is a motto of LAVORIA. Using the recent IT-tools the service brings automation to the recruitment process in HoReCa, making it pointed, relevant, quick, and easy on the pocket for any business.

“Recently we’ve undertaken a lot of research in this area and found the recruitment processes like nothing we’ve encountered. We believe we can deliver business benefits, with a total cost that is attractive to all. We hope to assist all industry participants, regardless of size or nature of business, to gain the benefits available through the application of modern systems,” summarized LAVORIA spokeswoman.

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