Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash
Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Majorca: New rules applied to drunken tourists this season


Majorca has taken the decision to implement new rules this season regarding drunken tourists, as incidents have occurred in recent years that degrade the concept of tourism. The new measures will result in a cleaner image of the island and create greater respect for the concept of hospitality.

More important for overall business in the island’s capital this year will be the introduction of new fines on tourists who ignore local laws and regulations, especially regarding alcohol and drugs.Palma’s new mayor Jaime Martínez wants to crack down on so-called ‘alcohol tourists’ to improve more safety and security on the Ballermann party stretch of the Playa de Palma. His overall aim is to guarantee a “first-class travel destination based on mutual respect between residents and tourists”.

There is a new city ordinance that imposes fines for drunkenness, vandalism, use of loudspeakers and other misdemeanors in public places. The highest fine is 3,000 euros. In particular, the consumption of alcoholic beverages, drugs or other substances is now prohibited in public squares, streets, shops and public transport. In addition, it is no longer allowed to sell food, drinks or other products in public places. The city is recruiting 300 additional police officers, who will be added to the current 800, to ensure that the new rules are enforced.

“We appreciate the Germans and want them to continue to visit us,” says Pedro Homar, head of the Fundación Turisme de Palma de Majorca 365. 62% of the tourists who were thrown out of their hotels due to bad behaviour last year came from Germany. The percentage of tourists visiting Majorca to party is small, he stressed. “It’s perfectly fine to party in Playa de Palma. But we want visitors to treat our island with respect and not behave badly,” he said strongly.

The Mayor of Palma Martínez stresses that further investments are planned to modernise the area to enable quality tourism and better meet the interests of tourists and residents.

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