The tech company Roiback allows hotels to incorporate a new functionality for their clients: the online check-in


Roiback, specialist and leader in the management of the direct channel of hotel sales, has taken one more step in the digitalization of the tourism sector and has launched a new functionality for their clients, the hotels: the online check-in.

This new product allows guests to avoid unnecessary queues and waiting times, and for the hotel reception to be faster and more efficient. In short, thanks to digitalization, the costumers experience is improved directly, the reception resources are optimized and added value is provided.

“For Roiback our main priority is to offer our clients innovative products that are adapted to their needs, always in line with our commitment to keep moving forward and to improve the final costumer’s experience. Our products help to improve hotels results, with savings in investment and an improvement of results,” highlighted Rebeca González, Managing Director of Roiback.

Spaniards are some of the tourists who check-in online more

Although this innovate system is adapted to all kinds of devices, from the total of guests that check-in online, over 80% does it through mobile phone, in front of a 9% who does it through tablet and the 8% left uses the computer. Of all tourists, British and Americans, followed by German and Spanish, are the ones that check-in online more. On average, they do it 2,75 days before their arrival at the tourist property.

An easy format to speed up management and reduce costs

The new Roiback’s functionality has an easy format in order to be used by all clients without problems. The scanner of documents (through a photograph) and the simple digital signature are two examples. To ease the data transmission to the hotel’s reception, data is autocompleted and integrated directly to the hotel management operative system (PMS). This way, the reception staff will not have to fill it out manually, because all information will be already incorporated, allowing to drastically reduce paper consumption.

Another key option of the new system presented by Roiback is that it allows the hotel to pre-assign a room during the process of check-in and, the guest, the possibility to choose the desired type of room that the hotel has available (the customer receives a push notification when the room is available).

In reference to customer’s personal data gathering, there is the option to integrate them to loyalty programs, and to generate automatically a file to be sent to authorities. The program also expects the creation of a wi-fi key access integrated directly with the online check-in as well as the integration with Salto system that allows to open doors through a mobile phone.

The customer is more independent

Once the booking process is finished, the customer receives the room’s electronic key or an access code that can be used during all the stay. To complete the service and speed up the process, Roiback includes the possibility to pay through the online check-in. The customer will be able to pay the total cost as well as the touristic taxes before its arrival.

“We believe that in the moment of digital transformation that we are living, and with a customer that is more impatient and demanding every time, it is essential to offer our clients, the hotels, a service of online check-in that allows them to speed up processes and to be able to offer their guests a fast and efficient service, which is what the independent consumer is increasingly looking for,” concludes Rebeca González.

Currently, this functionality is already integrated with over 30 types of PMS and available for all hotels who work with Roiback.

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