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Thomas Cook confirms the strategic cooperation with the Greek Tourism Minister Harris Theoharis


Thomas Cook Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Peter Fankhauser has recently met the Tourism Minister, Mr. Haris Theoharis to discuss about the future of the Greek tourism.

Mr. Fankhauser’s visit highlights that Greece remains one of the most important destinations for the Group and has taken place with the aim of the Minister’s official briefing, regarding the recapitalization of the Group’s balance sheet, as it has been in advanced discussions with Fosun Tourism for the latter to invest a significant amount of new money – targeted at £750m – in the business.

thomasFollowing their meeting, in a Twitter post, the Tourism Minister, Mr. Haris Theoharis quoted: “I had the opportunity to meet with the CEO of Thomas Cook, Mr Peter Fankhauser, on July 25th, in order to discuss the prospects of our mutually beneficial cooperation. Mr Fankhauser explained in detail the situation of the company and reassured me that Thomas Cook will remain one of the leading companies globally in the field of tourism. The meeting took place in a very reassuring and calm atmosphere and the feeling I received was that we proceed with business as usual.”

Discussing this proposal with Fosun, an investor in the business for four years, being also the largest shareholder that knows it well and understands its strategy, is what gives to the company the necessary boost to be in a competitive position and secure it has a solid future. In this context, there can be further investment plans in Greece, being it the country that Thomas Cook has launched hotel concepts and the most innovative options in the world for holidaymakers, such as the first Casa Cook in Kos, the Cooks Club at Hersonisos in Crete, the first Casa Cook for families in Chania, targeting a younger audience of holidaymakers, who give emphasis on quality, design and gastronomy, when choosing their vacation.

Mr. Peter Fankhauser, Chief Executive Officer of Thomas Cook said: “Thomas Cook stands by its commitment to continue pursuing the increase of the value of the Greek touristic product and generate revenue, giving emphasis to quality and infrastructures. In this way, we will be able to attract more holidaymakers, offering innovative tourism packages, even on mature destinations, so that they can engage more with the local community and spend more at the local market, while also ensuring that in their interactions, they will be less disruptive, fostering a model of sustainable tourism.”

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