Thanos Hotels and Resorts: dynamic entry into the Greek market | Target 10 hotels within 3 years!


A dynamic entry into the Greek luxury hospitality market is being made by Cyprus’ leading group, Thanos Hotels and Resorts, presenting an investment plan with a 3-year horizon to open 10 new hotels.

In 2023, the group chose Mykonos to present a new hotel concept, Amyth Hotels. The first hotel will open in April 2023 in Agios Stefanos, while in May 2024 a new Amyth will open in the popular Super Paradise in a fully renovated complex consisting of 50 rooms, suites and villas. At the same time, the group will provide the Greek market with upgraded hotel management services through partnerships with asset owners and existing hoteliers.

The investment plan for the Greek ultra-luxury market

The strategy for entering the Greek market is multi-level and is based on three central pillars.In the first photo is the Director of Corporate Relations and Communication Natasha Michaelidou and then in the second photo is the CEO Thanos Michaelides.

Expansion of Amyth Hotels: the group’s plan aims to open 10 Amyth Hotels in Greece, following the first two hotels in Mykonos (Agios Stefanos and Super Paradise). The management is in intensive discussions with asset owners in order to expand the Amyth Hotels network to other Greek locations, aiming to add a combination of well-known, emerging and new destinations.

Creation of a Greek “Anassa”: a great desire of the Cypriot group is to bring to Greece its “flagship”, the Anassa, a move that will set new standards for the luxury hospitality sector in the Greek market. The 5* plus star Anassa hotel has been operating in the town of Chrysochous in Paphos since 1998 and has rightfully earned the title of “Queen of the Mediterranean Hotels”, while to this day it continues to hold the position of the top resort on the island. Imposing yet unpretentiously grand, it invites its guests to enjoy Mediterranean hospitality and lifestyle, bringing them in direct contact with the land of the Mediterranean.

B2B with Hotel Management and Consulting: the group will bring to Greece yet another business unit, Thanos Hotel Management, which is addressed to asset owners who wish to make their property available for use as a hotel, as well as to hospitality professionals who already own a hotel and wish to outsource its management in order to modernize it at all levels and improve its competitiveness. Capitalizing on its extensive experience in this sector, with the most recent project being the iconic Berengaria Hotel in Cyprus, the group is already in the process of searching and discussing with owners of similar properties in Greece as well. Its aim is to strengthen the hospitality landscape in Greece, both in terms of management and development, by entering into mutually beneficial agreements.

Referring to the strategic investment plan to enter the Greek market, the group’s CEO, Mr. Thanos Michaelides commented: “After 50 years of operating in the luxury hospitality sector in Cyprus, we have assessed the positive investment climate in Greece and therefore our entry into the Greek market with Amyth Mykonos in Agios Stefanos is a natural progression of our business journey. After all, Greece has always been in our heart”.

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